React Native Forgot Password Screen

I'm using these versions -- "react": "15. Fixed Dimensions. We won't talk about how to implement the text inputs and buttons for the authentication screen, that is outside of the scope of navigation. This tutorial explains how do you style a TextInput component in react native for password input. 3" I have already tried to add below Modules but they crash my app after sometime. Access the navigation prop from any component useNavigation is a hook which gives access to the navigation object. navigate ( { routeName : 'Profile. Here I show how to create an app with nested navigators, in particular, a stack navigator inside a tab navigator inside a drawer navigator. The icons that i have used in this app you can find them on icons8. User Authentication with Amplify in a React Native and Expo app. Argon PRO React Native is a fully coded app template built over Galio. A Thank You screen for my users with a confetti animation! I built an open source component in React Native so you can do it too. This is the same work or school account or the same Microsoft account that you used to create your directory. It was started especially for fast develop React Native Applications for both platform iOS and Android. To create a navigator, you import createXNavigator function from the navigator package of your choice and use Navigator and Screen components from the value it returns. This tutorial is the continuation of the same tutorial from where we left off in the […]